"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So...we have lots of talk about trail shoes...here is the scoop

pic 1 - montrail Molokai sandals

pic 2 - girls wearing Montrail...and lovin it!

pic 3 - Sabino

pic 4 - Rockridge

pic 5 - Mountain Masochist

Its that time of season where living in the trails for your runs is breathtaking. The leaves are a rainbow of fall colors, the bugs are gone, the temps just perfect. Shoes are the big question I have during my Whole Running group, especially with the cold weather coming and needing a better traction.

The other day the girls and I ventured out on some rugged trails. The girls with the trail shoes had a much better traction and grip than the road shoes....soooo...question, questions - what shoes would I recommend?

Here is my personal feedback and some general feedback from friends and those I've trained:


Sabino - good stability, yet still has the flexibility. Great for someone who has weak ankles . Can withstand the rocks, roots, mud and ups and downs of the trails!

Rockridge - awesome motion control. A light feel to it with a good arch. Can wear this shoe easily on and off trail. Even wore this for a road marathon...and all was good!

Mountain Masochist - my personal favorite! I am a forefoot runner and these have a nice stiff forefront to handle the bang I put on my toes! Also can wear these on /off trail. Can withstand alot of beat up and alot of miles, rocks, roots, mud...my feet are still smiling!

Molokai Sandals - THE BEST SANDALS EVER, for after a race, throughout the summer, in the house, the laundry room, the playground.. anytime- these totally rock! Get rid of those cheezy dollar store flip flops and replace them with these and your feet will love you that much more!

Montrail is by far the best company for trail shoes - that is their specialty. Sorry to say, but my road asics, which I will sometimes wear for only asphalt/concrete running, do not make a good trail shoe that suits me. A common mistake a running store may make is - "oh, you wear asics for the road...easy transition, buy the same brand for the trails". Not a good answer! I've worn the asics trail shoes and my feet were not liking it. If you want a good trail shoe, then buy from a company that puts all their heart and sole in what works. I love Montrail for their background work to thoroughly test and perfect their shoes, their gryptonite material on the soles for better traction, good stability, motion control, of course colors...you name it, they've worked on it! I put lots and lots of miles on my shoes and my feet have never been happier. I have tried many different brands and have recommended Montrail shoes to many and I can say the feedback has been outstanding! Oh, and in addition....Montrail shoes on and off trail are definitely asphalt/concrete worthy!

Miles and miles and miles of running - and thankfully the feet are feeling mighty fine. WR girls, care to give your feedback?


  1. Heya Jill,

    I'm not a WR girl, BUT....
    I did take your suggestion from way back when, invested in a pair of Mountain Masochists, and I've been very happy.

    Ran my first ultra a few weeks ago, the Vermont 50, and I had zero foot issues. I'll take some of the credit, having done some decent foot conditioning over the summer, but I tend to have issues with ANY shoes, and to not have any issues with these made me happy and the first ultra a real delight.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. HI Jill,

    Thank you so much for recommending Mountain Masochist!!! I wore other trail shoes and the Montrail are far SUPERIOR than the rest. I have tried other trail shoes, but they were too unstable of a shoe that I ended up with injuries. But the Montrail have the best all-around support (arch and ankle support). They also have a big toe box and my toes thank you because I have had NO issues with the Mountain Masochist. I have used them on and off road - very lightwieght. The outsole has unbeatable traction. I also have the Molokai sandal that I wear all the time. They have amazing arch support (which are formed to the exact shape of your foot). Great for everyday or after your run.

    Thanks for all your tips and support,

  3. Hey Jill -
    After being told I should never wear a flip flop by my podiatrist, I brought her the Molokai flip flop and asked her what she thought. She said I could wear them no problem because they have so much support. I live in these flip flops and love the way they feel on my feet after I run. (I am wearing them in the group pic from after the ADK run). I just ordered the Sabino and can't wait to get out on the trails in them. I am looking forward to when we can just walk in to Fleet Feet and buy them!

  4. Hi Jill,

    I did a lot of trail running this summer training for my first 12 hour race. Before this I had switched to the Sabina after getting orthotics and needing more room in my shoe. I tried the Sabina based on comments that the toe base was roomier. They worked out great. I like the traction and they hold up well in some muddy and wet conditions. I also think they have more flexibility for a trail shoe which helps you maintain the proper foot strike on the trails. I have a pair already waiting for me.


  5. Hey Jill, I have the The Montrail Streak on/off road trail shoe. Love them! I have high arches so this was the perfect shoe because of the great arch support. Now that The Streak is discontinued, my next trail shoe will be the Mountain Masochist. It sounds perfect for all of our off road adventures. These shoes make is so much easier to climb those hills.
    I also own the Molokai Sandal. I don't wear any other flip flops because they offer NO support. The Molokai Sandal has great arch support. My foot is in the picture with all of the other Molokai wearing feet! Love them!