"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Monday, October 18, 2010

PAY IT FORWARD thinking - one of many encounters in the grocery store!

picture 1 - Some of the WR girls...all amazing women who are much more than runners. Healthy from the inside out. They are truly special!

picture 2 - picture that resembles the lady I talked with in the grocery store today.

Both pictures are women who are Paying it Forward - and are stronger for that, both in body and most definitely mind. Its all connected.


Sometimes the simple messages can leave such an impact...such as my encounter in the grocery store today.

As I fly past the aisles trying to get in and out of the store as quickly as I can, I am stopped by the cutest little lady, most likely in her late 70's or early 80's. Here is the conversation we had that was in my head as I enjoyed my afternoon trail run where my mind begins to wander....

This cute, caring lady wanted to know what size I thought she was. We were standing in front of the Depends where she was buying a pack for a woman in the hospital who was about the same size as her. "Well, I would say you are a size small - so the size S/M would probably fit well for your friend". "Thank you", she replied "I don't know why she asked me to get these for her". "Probably because you are a kind and caring friend", I responded. And so I learned a little about this woman's life which made me thankful to slow down at the store and take in some words of wisdom.

"You know, I feel great helping others out. My husband died and I was left with my sick Dad. My Sister's couldn't make time for him and so I would take care of my Dad and rush off to work. And you know what, out of everyone, I have been the healthiest. I enjoy helping others out, and I would hope someday that if I need the help, someone would be there for me".

Simple words of wisdom. And I thought, you know, this lady has such a good heart and soul that her health comes from that. Being healthy from the inside out shows much stronger than from the outside in.

So we started talking about the pay it forward thinking "What comes around, goes around" was one of the phrases she had mentioned which I truly believe. So as we sat in the aisle holding the Depends in our hands, little did anyone know what we were truly talking about.

And how can I tie this all to running and the picture above of some of my Whole Running girls? Because I have seen these ladies grow, and they have grown by the help of each other...in both mind and body. They have all been on the roller coaster of ups and downs as we all go through. But as a group together, they have brought such a strong bond. And the trail runs, road runs in all kinds of weather and terrain is a way to keep this strength and bond going in such a healthy way. The benefit of having these running partners is the will to keep going and having those around you who will not let you quit.

The ones that are out there helping the others are also helping themselves - and being their coach is such a blessing to see those that break through the barriers and go beyond that comfort zone. You never do it alone...someone has been there to help you...so pay it forward, and it will keep helping you.

As the thought of the woman in the grocery store was going through my head on my trail run, I had lots of energy to push me forward....the mind and body have such a wonderful connection. My strong, fast run today was due to this woman in the grocery store!

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves. For whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us" Flora Edwards


  1. Jill, that was wonderful! You are such a genuine nice person and I am so happy to know you. Just thought you should know!
    Kathy S

  2. Today was my second time for trail running. Had a great time! The first time I had my regular road running sneakers - I was nervous, I slipped, It was uncomfortable. Today I had on my new Montrail Masochist - they were absolutely wonderful!!!The traction is great - After we were on the trail for awhile I felt more confident. The comfort was fabulous (got them UPS yesterday) we were in mud, slippery rocks and even a brook. But I felt great thanks to my Montrails. Also thanks to Jill for pushing me past my comfort zone and getting into a new level of endurance and fun!!! Looking forward to more trail runs.