"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adapt or Adjust?

On a run with a friend as we were discussing and trying to solve the issues of the world (well at least our issues, our own worlds!), the topic came up of different personalities. And as I like to compare running as a metaphor of my life - here are two things to consider about yourself.....are you an adapter or an adjuster?

We were running and it was warm, yet I am currently training for a very warm race soon to come...so with my warm jacket on I was "adapting" to the uncomfortable feeling of being hot. As I looked over at my running friend, I noticed she too had her jacket on. And the comment was "I am an adapter by nature, but if it were my husband...he would adjust and take off his jacket to feel more comfortable". Hmmmm....had me thinking which one I am and which one is better. I suppose they are both good in their own way at different times. This topic can go even deeper to questions like "are you a minimalist or maximalist?" How many gadgets do you need?

Now getting back to this run and the thoughts going through our heads and how I compared it to training...there are no clear rights or wrongs(that is to either adapting or adjusting!) but just reasons for why you do what you do. For me, personally, I would say that I go in and out of both an adapter and adjuster. It all depends on the circumstances.....ex. I am training for extreme heat, so I need to adapt to the heat, I want to feel warm and love it and adapt to it. If I wasn't training for this race I would probably adjust the attire be stripping down the layers as the heat set in! Another example, I was running a quick clip but managed to get lost, and with the low amount of fuel I had, it was time to adjust the speed to be able to make it back feeling good!
Personally, I think there is alot of strength in an adapter who needs to accept the way things are at the moment and carry on. Adapt to the climates, the terrain, the mental situation at the moment. So my friend on the run, the adapter, just one more reason you are one strong chic!Plus that Boston jacket looked so good on you, heat and all!

adapt: to make or become suitable to a specific situation

adjust: to bring to a more satisfactory
Which one are you???


  1. Jill,
    I couldn't agree more. It is one of the big reasons why I try to run whatever the weather. To learn to adapt and adjust. You never know what Mother Nature will throw your way on race day...

    Jim S.

  2. Ha Ha! I am more the adjuster I think. When I read what you wrote I thought "Well take off the jacket and then deal with it, why put yourself through more than you need to at that given moment." I find it funny how my hubby thinks differently!!
    Kathy S

  3. I adapt by adjusting. Funny, I never thought about it, I just do.

  4. Yesterday on a trail run with the girls, I took jackets and put them on as the ladies were getting warm - three jackets later! Sure helped me with my heat training!!

  5. Jill-you are amazing! I love your food for thought! I do both, adapt and adjust depending on the current reality! I guess my counseling training and back country experience always seeks a balance! Can't wait to see you again! You are my top favorite at WS!!!