"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mental Strength.....

My kids...my secret weapon!

Tough Mom's!

Mental strength for me, comes from a few things: age in which you acquire wisdom, circumstances that you are put in to, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone over and over again, and definitely being a Parent! Those are some but there are many more. My running, I am fortunate to have such a love and to thankfully be healthy and motivated to train...yet some of that success comes from the inside out and I owe it to my Mental Strength and a big part of that is my kids.

My group of Whole Running ladies, being mostly Mom's, are full of mental strength. I so much enjoy watching them grow and pull that toughness out! We should all feel fortunate that its tough to balance yet we all have this "secret weapon" for our races, for our training that we Mom's understand. It's a nod and a smile at each other knowing the inner strength we have. It is maturity that takes the ME out of our lives and turns that M to a W....WE. WE is stronger than ME. Looking back before I had the many little munchkins that I have....I most definitely am stronger in many ways. As one of the girls has on her shirts (and she is a super tough chic) - "My warm up is chasing my kids". That is so true.

"A Mother's strength is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible"

"Mother's are like teabags, you never know how strong they can be until they get into hot water" Eleanor Roosevelt

There is hill running, speed training, heat training, fuel training, sleep depriving,...that has surely helped me and is surely needed for my many races coming up....but it doesn't pull through without mental strength - and that comes from life experiences. And for some of us, many little life experiences!


  1. Jill, I totally agree with you that by flipping the M in "me" to W ... "we" is what makes us so much stronger, together as a TEAM. I know that competing in my younger years, it was all about me, me, me. But now as I am training with this wonderful group of Moms, I feel the training is so SUPERIOR. Plus, as moms, we are constantly juggling so many activities, kids sicknessses, sleeplessness, etc. Always adjusting and/or adapting in our runs .... That's why we are STRONG!!! Thanks Jill!!!

  2. And right before Father's Day? Just kidding...I have always thought that Mom's should get more cred than they do. You ladies are awesome.

    Jim S.