"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Monday, February 1, 2010


I will say straight out...running on the treadmill is not my cup of fun. I run because I love to be outside, to explore different areas, to be in the trails. I don't consider my running ability improved from running in my artificial world of treadmills. Due to my 5 little munchkins, I do have to resort to the treadmill to rack up the miles when needed..and so, I am thankful I have that option. Being out in the elements of nature is much better than any treadmill can offer.

So, getting back to the "artificial running"....so, I have been making an attempt to workout at the gym and add other things on - And yes, I see a whole line up of treadmills...so, of course as a warm up I can't help but hop on the, treadmill, dreadmill, road to know where... So I get on. Now, I love checking out all the forms, all the people, what they are doing in their minds to keep them occupied. The tunes, the tv's...

The dreadmill, I hop on. Next to me, hops on a macho Italian man - and so, my treadmill adventure gets quite humerous.

Purposely, I always cover my screen. If I am on the treadmill, I will race it and try to accomplish as much as I can in as little time. Unfortunately, I had nothing to cover my screen this day at the gym. So, I start out, fully exposed screen and so does "Italian man" ...and he glances over at my speed..so, I beep it up...and he beeps his up. This is becoming a game for me. The treadmill war.... Ok, Mr., glance over again and I'll beep it up twice! Yep, he glances over...and so beep, beep. And he beeps, and I incline and beep and it keeps going until I am at a pretty much pushing the limits pace. But purposely acting like nothing and relaxed...and so I stay at this crazy pace and in my head I'm thinking "go ahead, keep beeping, because you will loose Mr." My, how long can I keep this smile and hold my breath acting like this is just a piece of cake. Finally, my hour is up - thankfully! Carefully I jump off and the comment I get "Wow, impressive" and holding my breath from sounding winding "yeah, its just a treadmill". As I am walking away I'm thinking, I am so going to pay for this. My calves are screaming.....

Treadmill Wars....ridiculous but sure makes the time go by quicker. Get me back outside please....


  1. jill, i love this!! i figured you were so zen about your running that a little old competitive guido couldn't get you to force it like that! nice to know that you're like the rest of us... and it's good to get those ghastly hard runs in every once in a while ;-)

  2. you crack me up - i can just imagine this :)


  3. It wasn't Jimmy was it?