"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A True Test of Good Gear....

OK, this weekend was SUPER COLD. Negative digits without the windchill. I read a -10 on my car!

Now, when exercising in these temps, my rule is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than what it is due to your body exerting energy while exercising. To sweat in cold weather is not good. This weekend, there was no sweating!

So on Saturday afternoon, I took a day adventure and went cross country skiing for hours in the tug hill trails wearing the best gear, and all but my hands (poor planning...if I would have just grabbed the Mountain Hard Wear Gloves!) were warm. And what did I wear? Well, the Wind Stopper Mountain Hard Wear Jacket...looks thin, looks light...but is wicked warm! Mountain Hard Wear Tights...thin, light and again...my butt and thighs were toasty. Now, to get away with these two pieces of wonderful gear in such brutal cold temps is definitely a true test....I rate it a 10!

To be able to last long in cold temps, it is worth it to invest in the right gear...especially where I live when it feels like 6 months out of the year is winter!

Thank you Mountain Hard Wear!

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