"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love the Trails...Loved the run today....Thanks Ryan!

(pict: Ryan and I at the end of NC24, pic 2and 3 green lakes where I run frequently!)

An awesome run today at Green Lakes with Ryan, one of my running buds! - hilly loop of 10 miles at around a 7 min pace - when Ryan and I run together, we get into these conversations that get us picking up the pace! Ryan gets me going fast, and I keep us going....works well. Crazy conversations like the angry drivers that refuse to move over on the side of the road when you are running, the non-runners with their opinions of your "healthy habit", and of course those that say "I don't have time to run" which is all a bunch of malarchy! So, such as the talks that fill the miles...but talking and running at a good pace is good for exercising the lung capacity. My coach from college would always say "if you are talking, then you are not running hard enough".

The weather is definetly getting chilly in Central New York and the clothes of last years winter are being dusted off at brought out of the crates. Always good to wear layers that can be shed throughout the run to prevent sweating - which I definetly did today! Running with a cold sweat is never good, nor comfortable!

After my run, of course, made a stop at the local coffee joint and ran into some of my WR girls...beautiful, healthy girls who I admire. They had also just returned from a run. They had asked me about my Gibraltar experience which I briefly filled them in...but reminded them that they are the ROCK STARS....and the multi-taskings of what we do is the true talent of life. So easy to be on the top when you focus on the ONE THING.....but so much more rewarding when you have a multitude of blessings and can switch gears when needed...and speaking of...these kids are forcing me to switch gears right now...... so now for some crosstraining with these little blessings.....

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