"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

100% Well, well........

Gibraltar is a very small penninsula off of Spain - Gibraltar is actually under the British ruling however it is also a country of its own (still trying to figure that one out!). For as little as Gibraltar is, there is alot of congestion. The 50k race which was held on Saturday, Oct 31 was held at 2:30pm - supposedly during a "low" time of the day...siesta time. The course was changed mulitple times (so it seemed) to a 1 - 2k loop, and then 6 - 8k loops. Many hills, through a shipyard, blind corners, sharp turns, hot, humid...not your typical glamorous race. This was not in the IAU's plan to have the race set up this way, yet it was the only option due to the planned course having construction on it. So...this was the Gibraltar 50k World Championship - enough said, you get the picture.
Gibraltar - I have returned from my adventure from afar, across the ocean... to the mighty rock. This past weekend was the World Champion 50k - and the words sound so mighty, so "WOW" but there are some unfortunate events behind it all (read above). And also, there are some wonderful events, awakening moments, always a lesson to be learned...and many learned here!

As I had mentioned earlier, my daughter had the flu the week before my Gibraltar travels. So, thinking I was in the clear with tamiflu(which FYI does not prevent the flu) I was all prepared and mentally strong for this race - the 50k. And, as I have learned before....when the body is pushed under stressful circumstances...things come out - um, like the flu. Needless to say with out going into too much detail - this was not one of my best races - and I believe being the Mom of 5 little ones exploring all germs in the outside community I really didn't have a chance to run away from the illness, H1N1, whatever you want to call it. It followed me across the seas.
Now on a more positive note, it was wonderful to meet all the different athletes from different countries. So many different personalities. It only made me appreciate that much more of my life - how running these races is so wonderful and challenging. But...I have so much more. We can see many from a far and maybe admire, even envy some of them - but as in all things in life, everyone doesn't have it all going for them. The true heroes to me are those who can maintain a balance and maintain it well. For Moms, especially with mutiple kids...that challenge is that much harder, yet...it really makes you that much stronger. So to the Whole Running Girls - all I could think about you out there is YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS and we know that the times we do get out and all the stars are aligned, weather is just right, kids are so healthy, feeling good...we go with it, we take it all in and know how lucky we are to appreciate it.
Lesson learned from my travels - well, I'm prepared for all plans to be thrown out the window when necessary! Bring your own stuff...everything you can. Plan on doing things on your own if necessary.
Race over, check mark for that, move forward, onto the next adventure...which will be good.
I do want to make sure I acknowledge the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Kami and her family...great hubby, great daughter, so much fun! Michael and his brother Matthew - thanks for the support and the help and enjoyed hanging out with you as well! Leslie from S. Africa, your awesome and come anytime to visit. Heather from England, you high energy chic you, I believe we have plans to meet again! Justin and his wife, cute couple, great spending time with you! USA team was a joy to be around.
SO, here we go....need to knock this flu lingering in my house and get onto business!


  1. jill - always such a positive attitude! happy you are home safe, so sorry it didn't go the way you had planned. hoping that everyone in your home is back to normal soon!

  2. Hi Jill!
    I have thought of you sooo much! Glad to hear you are doing better. Glad you found lots of good things to say/think about your experience despite, I expect, feeling dissapointed with catching "the crud". You will be chomping at the bit even more come JFK! Watch out field. As for now, welcome home and be well.

  3. I'm not sure what happened between us but I had a good time with you. I even remember the day you left when we went out for our run you saying "Amanda I am glad I get to spend some more time with you".. So well I had fun with you. And am glad to hear you are doing better.