"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Friday, January 27, 2012

So you don't have time to fit it in?

It has been a common complaint about time - never enough - if we only had more. As a dear friend of mine mentions and I try to remember the exact quote..."work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" ....and how do I translate that? I can never have enough time because even if there is one thing on the list, that will take up my whole day of time. Another quote is something about "if you want to get a job done ask a busy person. The more things you do, the more things you can do." I translate that to, " you can do more than you think you can" . So....where is this going?

One of the girls I train was saying to me on the trails that someone saw her running and came up to her later "How do you get to fit in running? You must be so organized and together" - and she thought, if I was so organized and together, I would never fit this in!

Another lady came and said she could have easily skipped running that day with my group, but decided to come because she was in "a mood" ...when she left, she was very happy...and I am sure many benefited from that!

The "to do" lists will never go away, so why not put yourself on the "to do" list. As another dear friend said to me "running is not my everything, but it is the anchor that holds everything together"...that just sums it up for me! And now lets tie all of this in together..............

Running is a way of life in my eyes, and I hope it is in the eyes of all those that I train. Sure, we train for races, we have goals, milestones to meet, but to keep running in your life, it should be looked at as a journey. A journey of health, of the mind, of exercise for the eyes, the soul....it solves problems, organizes the day, gives peace, heals, inspires, joins friends, gets the endorphins going. So it is a necessity to me and is put on my TO DO LIST schedule. The time that I use to run, is added time to my life, and gives the will and the energy to get the other stuff done in my life.

So....yes, you can fill up TIME with many things....but I can pretty much bet most...if you make the time for your health, you will be more efficient and have more time in your future. And why not add the years on now?

"Nothing happens until something moves" Albert Einstein


  1. Excellent thoughts all the way through,Jill! A friend and I are working on a book about the trail/race you won here in Titusville this past October. We see running much the same way you do!

  2. Love it. Such true words. I recognize a bit of myself in there. Thanks Jill, I always look forward to your blogs.