"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fleet Feet Staff Run....Feeling the Montrails on their Feet!

A few weeks ago I met the staff of Fleet Feet Syracuse for a lovely trail run through Green Lakes. This was a run to talk about Montrail shoes and more importantly feel Montrail shoes!

There were a good 20 staff members that came out on a beautiful sunset evening.

We started out talking a bit about my running experience with Montrail, how dedicated the company is - wanting feedback, constantly bettering and improving - working with athletes to get their opinions. Montrail doesn't just want to put their shoes on your wall...they want to put them on the trails, on the roads... I love that philosophy and that is why I am proud to be on their team!

After my little background we brought out the shoes that Fleet Feet Syracuse will be carrying and the employees but them on their feet. What a wonderful staff, great vibe, great energy, truly shows a passion in what they do.

And finally, the trail run began. So, I took them through the hills, through the single tracks, a bit of road, a bit of roots, over the rocks, through the mud.... At one point we could have turned down to make it back to the beginning but Ed wanted to keep on going! So, we ventured up and around and finally down around the lakes. The feedback from the employees about Montrail shoes was wonderful! One runner described the Rogue Racers "they just have this way of feeling the ground but having a quick reaction over the roots and rocks" and the Fairhaven "has support and cushion but awesome flexibility" Its neat to hear the perspective from the staff of a shoe store since they too want to really be able to describe these shoes to those who they are selling them to.

The best way to know a shoe is to try it on and try it among the elements of where you will be using them ....I have seen such success in not only the shoes but the success in the wonderful vibe and energy it creates for the store when shoes can be demoed.

Fleet Feet Syracuse has a great staff who truly shows care for your feet!

Looking forward to another trail run!

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