"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharing a story from one of my WR girls!

I have to share this story from one of my WR girls - mind you, that she is someone who not too long ago came up to me and said "tell me a little bit about this group, this running group you've got going. Not sure about it....". She has grown leaps and bounds in such a short time. We are so fortunate to have so many women to train with and get out and do our long runs with....but when you can step out and go on your own once in awhile, it is such a mental strength. Here it goes...enjoy this cute, funny story!

Today I conquered my 1st solo LSR and learned a few things along the way about me and MY solo run. Here are some things that would have gone by the wayside had I not run alone today.
I diligently hydrated at every mile. However, this time, I walked the 5 seconds it took me to take a drink. My drinks were always appreciated like a fine wine rather than a frenzied squirt that usually ended up all over my face! I liked it.
I stopped, on the canal, to help a girl training her new puppy. Once the puppy finally sat, as was commanded, I knelt down to give him a good puppy scratch. The owner was so appreciative. I liked it.
When it was time to pull out the ipod, I belted out some songs with my girl Pink (completely of tune, I'm sure of it) played air guitar with Jon Bon Jovi and nailed my drum solo's with Evanescense and Maroon 5. This all happened on Rte 92, for the local community to see, LOL. I was getting it done with my musical friends and at 42 I feel good enough about myself to look like an ass once in awhile and give some of these fine folks something to talk about. I liked it.
I also decided to go off course and run all the way up 92 instead of turning onto Hunt Lane. With each passing car I was reminded one more time "I'm running 17 miles today as you are driving somewhere". I couldn't let that incentive go to waste so those cars got me to the top of 92 and when I needed or wanted to walk...guess what, I walked. It was after all MY run. Besides, I can't belt it out with the lady Gaga running uphill! I liked it.
Most importantly, I realized how grateful I am to have so many lovely people all around me, "at the ready", to help me conquer this goal but when needed I CAN do this solo. I LIKE THAT.


  1. Hi Jill Perry! Happy Belated Birthday! I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate lots of food? Tofurkey for me! Hope to see you soon.

  2. Love this story. Hope you are well! Enjoy the snow running. :)