"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MONTRAIL New Hampshire Mountain Race Report

Yesterday, May 22nd, my son Patrick and I participated in the Montrail - Mountain Hardwear USATF Norfield Mountain Race (long title!). I was going there to represent Montrail - show off their awesome trail shoes, give out swag, mingle. I was excited too to spend time with my son and run with him (until the end when his fast twitch muscles took off right before the finish!).

Patrick ROCKS!

(Jill and Paulr Kirsch)

This race is one of six in the New England Mountain series. Due to some trail construction, the race was shortened to 5.3 miles. Race Directors Dave Dunham and Paul Kirsch really put on a great race - well organized, well marked, lots of awesome energy.
( Dave taking charge at race sign up!)

(pic - male winner!)

I had the privilege of talking to many participants about Montrail shoes (amazed at how many were wearing road shoes!). All in all it was a wonderful day! If you like hills on a shorter course, this is a challenging series! And don't let the shorter course fool you...its not a walk in the park!

Jill talking about SHOES!

Montrail shoes vs road shoes: you will have a better grip, more traction to be able to handle the grass, rocks, roots....having the stability will give you the confidence to ROCK N ROLL on the ups and downs, lefts and rights, under and overs, etc. throughout the trails. Definetly an all around positive difference!

Jill finishing and laughing at my son Patrick and his fast twitch!


"If you can give your son or daughter one gift, let it be enthusiasm" anonymous

Here we are...a great selection of Montrail shoes - not only are they cool to run in...but they look pretty cool!

Giveaways!!! Patrick setting it up!


  1. Love that you shared this experience with your son! Hopefully one of my 4 sons will catch the running bug :)

  2. Hi Jill,
    great race and glad to your son inspired (and inspiring! judging by the guy to his right who seems to be in the race of his life).

    Can you tell us a bit about why you like the Montrail shoes? I'm trying out some huaraches, and I like them for less technical trails, but I'd like a new trail shoe that can handle baseball-sized rocks, etc. Recommendations??

    -kevin (blog lurker and pacer at Umstead)

  3. Kevin, check back soon...I will add in my shoe info...but for the short, for technical trails, the Mountain Masochist have been my favorite - deeper grooves for gripping, more support in the forefront, yet still have a light weight feel to them. I also love how they are breathable on the top and have a wide toebox. And...of course, the colors are totally cool (especially the mens). Umstead? Awesome that you were there!!! Talk soon...Jill ;)

  4. Hey Jill,

    Thanks for coming out to Northfield! It was nice to talk to you for a bit, hope you get out to some of the other events!

    Bob Jackman

  5. Jill, thanks for the reply. Umstead was spectacular has me totally hooked!
    Looking forward to seeing your shoe info. We have comparable needs(wide toebox). Breathability is also key; I cut the toetop out of my old shoes so heat could escape. Will check out the Masochists.

    Also, saw your new post and chat about fueling. I find one reason my fueling needs change is due to the season. Winter is fine for sandwiches, nuts, chocolate, hardier foods. But during the summer, I gorge on fruits and light veg. I'm not a friend of the summer heat, so fueling needs to be cool and light.