"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lets talk about some ROCKIN SOCKIN SOCKS!

In my last post, what I didn't elaborate on is the socks I wore for Umstead....more so, the socks I wear for all of my running! Umstead 100, I was to do almost everything I did the year before, which included wearing the same socks, Drymax.

Most people will say (especially those who do not run crazy distances), what is the big deal about socks? If you want your feet to be happy...those little motors to keep you going and going...you need to have ROCKSTAR SOCKS! My Drymax socks are ROCKIN and I am so thankful for how they amaze me everytime to deliver me with no blisters as I cross the line of finish crazy miles.

And others would say "Well, maybe you are not prone to blisters or problems with your feet. " Not true! I have had my feet in many different brands of socks before Drymax and still on a slim occasion will wear a pair of "other socks" on training runs. In previous socks my feet had many, many blisters...all different size blisters, different color, different degree of pain (feel like I'm ready to break out in a Dr. Suess song about blisters!). Also, the socks would slide down, slip around within my shoes (another cause for blisters). So, the magic is not in my feet, it is in my socks....and that is how I am able to keep moving. Socks with an awesome pair of trail shoes, road shoes...and you are ready to fly...really.

Drymax socks absorb all the moisture from my feet whether it be from sweating or wet weather so that they will stay fresh. Umstead, they were fresh...not one single blister on those little pads of motors.

Now, I had the opportunity to run Umstead with some of my local running friends. Some wore drymax, some made the decision not too. The ones that did not, had stories of how their feet were not happy. So, why take a chance......I know what works for my feet......I will stick with what I know at let my feet do the talking for you.

And this is a true one for you....I have quite a group of women that I train....and some of them are true diehard drymax fans....one story " I only have a few drymax socks amongst my other pairs. I can not go out for a run with out the drymax on my feet!" My answer to that "get rid of the other pairs! They taking up unnecessary space!"

Thank you Thank you Thank you...for once again, delivering my feet to the finish line, happy and dry and ready to BRING IT ON again for the next race...and you bet I will!

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