"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Benefits of Running ALONE in the WOODS....

"I only went for a walk (run) and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found was really going in" John Muir

What a wonderful day to run outside today! The snowy trails and the snow falling so slow and serene...put me in another world. I geared up and headed out the door early to be alone in the Woods....

When you are alone in the woods, without an ipod, without a phone, you reach places in your soul that stick with you. Today I reached them. I think I saw one person the whole time on the trails today. Although tough, trudging through the snow was not easy, after about 30 minutes....I started to just zone out. My heart rate relaxed, breathing at ease, and could barely hear a sound. I start getting into my deep thoughts...such as how fortunate in many ways I was able to be out that day. How fortunate in many ways that I am and that most of us are...and we all take it for granted...yet being in the simplicity of nature makes you realize that we sure do not need much to experience wonderful things.

The deer were out...and I somehow feel this connection to them when I am alone. I love being so quite and slow to move and working my way to getting so close to them. Above me, I saw a few hawks soaring above, a few rabbits hopping in front...it was wonderful, magical.

The workout alone in the trails with the snow took my concern off my pace and just enjoyed the moment. And without all the distractions of technology.(ipods, phones. etc)...time was relaxed.

It is so important to have these runs alone when you can. Somehow you find you're in a very thankful mode and life seems pretty great.

"We are only meant to be here for such short of a time. Surround yourself with happiness, those that motivate you, and your life will be filled with JOY!" Jill Perry

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