"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Saturday, December 5, 2009

On Cloudy Rainy Days...you just might see a Rainbow

Yes, a typical cloudy day in Syracuse..but amazingly, when you get out in it, their is sun! And whether it is sun from your soul, or patches from the little openings of the cloudy ceiling above...you feel it. So, these days are hard to get out in...but...GET OUT IN IT. It will make a difference, in your mood, in your energy, in your production for the day.

On a personal note...I am so happy to finally wake up and be...100% healthy - mind and body. The downtime paid off. It is hard to stop and recharge - but the lessons learned are amazing. I relearned rehab (took out those old kinesiology books that were getting mighty dusty from the college years!), I read more, took more epson salt baths, re looked at nutrition...so much learned the past couple of weeks.

Life is a spectrum of moods and savor the rainbow - the sun is shining somewhere through the rain to create it!

So, to end this with one of my favorite quotes -

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill

Continue, continue, continue...persevere....keep moving.....

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