"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recovery Week and the Whole Running Girls to keep me company!

Well, getting back in the "saddle again". I am still taking it easy this week...and thankfully all better, no injuries, no blisters (thanks Drymax!) and mentally strong for another challenge. I love the week after a race...things start popping in your head randomly that had occured during the crazy hours of your run.


I enjoyed some wonderful easy runs with the Whole Running girls...all Moms, all strong women who I am loving watch grow and get stronger. As the weather gets colder, the snow piles up, the sun goes away..these runs that we meet will be golden to them. - so I tell them to get out now, get use to the weather, grow with it, don't let it get to you...because you will learn to love the winter snow.

Now back to the recovery....

It takes discipline to lay low, let the body heal...not overdue things, and plan for your next challenge, next event. I love adventure, I love the woods, I love a new place that gives me new sets of eyes. I crave it. And so, as my legs are getting stronger as I sit here...my mind is itching to go....

Now of course, I love my kiddies...who all have a desire to run a 5k this weekend...so my set of eyes may be the spectator on the side lines watching them in their glory! The ages...11, 10, 8, 7, and 4...all active, all full of the adventure I have - guess I give them no choice! I hope that my passions will only be a motivator to them - and help them pursue theirs, whatever they may be.

This has been all over the place as my mind has been the past few days....but that is how I think - many things at once! Next week...excited to post some exciting runs in some exciting places. It is peak Fall in Central New York...and I'll be damned I am staying in...take me to the woods please!

"One shall not feel gloomy when the cold wind tears innocent leaves from their tree, for they are destined to an even greater purpose."

The personality of Nature
© Sharonda D. CheryAs the season change from hot to cold And I watch the leaves change their clothes From green, to brown, from red to gold They never seem to change their souls. They remain humble even as they grow old, They also hold on------ To their spirits as they dance in the wind, Even though its man's cruelty in which they must contend. And they cannot pretend to be uncaring, And during their fruit bearing-------season, They provide shade to people, but for no other reason, Then they are rooted to the Earth, And they are grown and know at their birth, That they must put people first. These trees are humble, Meek, Sleek, And I stare in disbelief as they smile and swagger in the wind. They stand firm even as their leaves begin, to fall aimlessly, Unto the concrete. Their strong enough to withstand the rain, The snow, And the sleet, But of course this is what the trees mean to me. Their never out for the fame, Nor the glory, But in their trunks and branches you can tell their story. If nature and man has been nice, Or cruel, And whether they're going to die soon, And the trees are animated like Christmas tunes. Trees hold and bind together like a suture, Like man has never seen or done before, For this is the personality of nature.

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