"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today, thankfully, my energy is full and back. Hence, the purpose of a "rest day", yesterday. Rest days are necessary for recharging - and recharged I am!

So, today, the WR girls did HILLS....and did them well. Everyone, and I mean Everyone had wonderful form, wonderful attitudes, and wonderful energy. So good to see today. They all looked effortless...yet after the workout was done and during yoga I asked a few "you did great, you seem to look at ease" with a response or two "that was challenging" "that was difficult" ...but with their form, and their relaxed faces, and their determination...I would have never known.

That is what I mean by TOUGH MOMS. We know that our time is so valuable and so we are going to make it quality.

Now, Logs girls...lets get those in!

One week and I am on the plane to Gibraltar - hard to think about it. Nervous? Not a bit. Overwhelmed, yes - because its not me and the race...its situating these little ones and their schedules before I leave...that is more work. Once I get on the plane, then all energy is focused on the 50k. I am so excited to wear a "USA" jersey and really represent our country. I have had the opportunity to live 4+ years in another country and how lucky I am to experience that...and only makes me see how lucky we are to have so much in our country...we have soooo much - we don't need half of it. So, I will go to Gibraltar, smile away, smile up that rock, smile at the monkeys (did you know, there are alot of monkeys and I hear they take your stuff!) - can't wait to tell you all about it....

Off to the kids now....

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  1. You Rock, and you will kick butt in Gibraltar. Don't touch the monkeys!