"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

"Its not what you look at, its what you see" Thoreau

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "Bad" news about Montrail! :)

If you are up to date on the cool lingo (my kids keep me in check!) - Bad is the new GOOD!


MONTRAIL shoes CAN BE ORDERED DIRECT! WOOOHOOO! A one stop location to give you all the details of what is needed in the shoe that will fit your style.

As most of you know, I am on the Montrail team - and very proud! I would never be affiliated with something I didn't believe in, and Montrail is a company that has never let me down. Lets elaborate on that:

I am a trail runner - and super passionate about it. The thought of being in the woods, especially an unexplored path, sounds heavenly to me. Rugged trails, single track, wet, muddy, snowy, icy, steep, climbing, bring it on....all sounds great to me. And what keeps my feet moving and happy through it all is Montrail shoes.

I am also a coach, for many. I love bringing them to the places that I discover (and there are stories about that!). And what keeps most of them enjoying all the challenges of these crazy trail runs I bring them on....Montrail shoes!

Montrail shoes are tested over and over again to make sure they are working, to perfect what is needed and keep with the styles. I love that there is such a variety with what is needed - motion control, weak ankles, minimal, on/off trail, gripping, forefront support....they have what you need.

And what better company to buy trail shoes from? A company that specializes in the trails!

Not to mention...the teammates are pretty cool - on and off the trails!

Thanks again Montrail, for making it a step easier for us!

Any of my WR girls want to confirm these shoes? I know they've been tested by you in just about everything!


  1. Jill's right on target w/her love for Montrail shoes. I picked a pair up after adding trail runs to my road run work outs. I'm a former farm country girl who loves running in the woods. But Montrail shoes allow the confidence and stablity in the many conditions one might find outside to increase any enjoyment of the outdoors.

    On muddy trails, we recover from slipping faster. In deeper snow, we don't worry about our feet getting drenched. They provide wonderful comfort even with the heavier wool sox. I did a 2 hour long run in them and my feet were still very comfortable. I've been wearing mine all through the fall 1-2x/week but in the dead of winter wore them almost exclusively and they still look brand new. So the value/price is real nice too. Thank you, Montrail, for putting out such a quality product.

  2. What is this - "the teammates are pretty cool"!? I think that needs to be amended, saying something like "the teammates are pretty cool, except for Sean - he's super duper cool!"